[Admin]  Top Donator Rewards of November

Top Donator Rewards of November

Top1: Saint God`s Set[4n1] + Top1 Donator Badge + (x2) 2,999 Cp Points.

Top2: Saint God`s Set[4n1] + 2,999 Cp Points

Top3: Saint God`s Set[4n1] + 1,999 Cp Points

Top4: Saint God`s Set[4n1] + 999 Cp Points

Top5-10: Saint God`s Set[4n1] + 499 Cp Points

Top11-20: Cabal Set Custome of your choice(1k Hp) + 99 Cp Points

Top21-50: Non Animated Toy of your choice + 99 Cp Points

Saint God`s Set Stats:


Saint God`s Set item Preview:


Cabal Set Custome [6n1]Preview:

Top Donator List: