[News]  Online Time Contest Event[New]

Online Time Contest Event

Event Period: July 05- July 31,2022
By the end of promotion, GM will compute the accumulated online time of the characters
from the start of promotion to the end and rank the top 30 accounts.
First runner up will be rewarded with 
2,999 Contribution Points+Whale Mount[New],
2nd place with 1,999 Contribution Points + Whale Mount[New],
3rd place with 
999 Contribution Points + Whale Mount[New],
4th to 30th place with 999 Contribution Points.
All accounts whether previously or newly registered are qualified for this promotion.Please do not earn your Gametime to Epoints.
We recommend that players quit the game once 15 minutes before the end of the event, so that account online time will be saved and calculated in the contest.Also We Suggest used Personal Store to in market place to Avoid Disconnected Ingame.


Mount Stats:

HP : +500

Damage : +10

Deffence : + 5